A British manufacturer of high fidelity products for the audiophile and those who share a passion for music and uncompromising sound quality.

Kestrel Audio is a newly formed British manufacturer of high fidelity audio products. With a range of 3 models of turntables launched in March 2023 and further development of phono stages, integrated amplifiers and additional experience enhancing products set to launch later in this year, we are on course to have a fantastic first year in the market.

Kestrel Audio has been founded by William Turrell, who at 22 years old decided that a leap into the world of hi-fi would be a very exciting prospect offering a fresh view on the industry as a young individual. Working with a strong knowledge in manufacturing processes, having worked as a CNC machinist for the last 4 years and a love of music being a percussionist from an early age, found that there was a market for wooden plinths with the Talk tonearms on and ultimately Talk were more than happy to endorse this as they have ventured on a different path with their acrylic style plinths.

Kestrel Audio has a determined stance on their aim, to produce exceptional sound quality, uncompromised build quality with consistency and durability all whilst being manufactured completely in the United Kingdom. The mission to find the ‘perfect’ sound however, is not one that will come easily. There will be much evolution in our lifetime and as a brand new company we find this exciting.

The constant in this task, will always be the best possible quality in our products and we hope our customers soon find that they are truly well looked after, not only in their listening experience but also with aftercare and support, when purchasing Kestrel products.

We hope you will join us, or continue to follow us, throughout our journey with hopes to achieve fantastic 5 star reviews in the near future.

Thank you for your support!


Further information or any queries please contact William by telephone – 01344 844204 or mobile +44 7740086621 or by email – info@kestrelaudio.com