• Plug and play DSP based sinewave generator
  • Fine adjust amplitude and frequency control
  • 33.3 and 45 Adjustment Memory
  • Wide compatibility for use with other 24v Motors


Introducing the KSPEED-1, an extraordinary DSP based sinewave generator that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. With precise, fine adjust amplitude and frequency control, this sophisticated device offers unparalleled performance and purity in generating sine waves.

Designed for AC motor speed control, the KSPEED-1 is the ultimate solution for smooth and efficient operation. It has a separate PSU for the generator and another for the drive circuit, this ensures that there is no interaction between the two stages resulting in lower noise and distortion. The generated frequency uses the latest floating point mathematical DSP process to generate a pure sine wave of whatever desired frequency, the very finest step in resolution possible from the output frequency is 0.25Hz or 1 quarter of 1 Hertz. This can be independently set in memory for both 33.3 RPM and 45RPM.  The output voltage is also internally adjustable, it has been pre-set at the factory to be optimal for the motor of our Kestrel brand turntables, as well as speed is also accurately measured to be within tolerance.

Its plug and play design makes it compatible with other popular brands like Rega and most Project turntables, along with any 24V AC motor driven turntable, providing endless possibilities for its usage.

This product comes in a sleek black colour, featuring an anodized aluminium frame, a powder coated lid, and a matte black acrylic front panel with LED backlighting which also indicates which speed/mode you are using.


A must have for any turntable user looking for a significant upgrade.